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Tim B. Photography in Sayulita specializes in helping businesses gain more online attention in Google searches through Google Maps / Street Views and Virtual Tours, thus contributing to more online visits, more sales, and more profits for those businesses. His passion for both technology and the artistry of photography combine to make him a skilled and unique photographer in the area that can help boost the success of a business. I talked with Tim about his background, his passion for photography, his expertise in Google Maps and Virtual Tours, and how this could help a local business’s success.

First, can you give readers a little bit of background information about yourself?

Before moving to Sayulita in October of 2013, I called both Seattle, Washington, and the San Francisco / Bay area of California, home. I moved to Sayulita when I was offered a teaching job at Costa Verde International School. I taught math and eco-science for a year before becoming a full-time photographer in 2014. 

What is your background experience and/or training in photography? Has it always been a passion of yours?

I’ve had a passion for photography since grade school when my dad gave me an SLR (film) camera and taught me the basics. I love the way photography is an intersection of technology, mathematical concepts, fine art, and people's subjective views of beauty. I love a camera's ability to capture instants, and it has been exciting to grow and evolve as an artist and professional.

What would you say is your "specialty" or expertise when it comes to photography?

My specialty is panoramic photography. My primary focus is “virtual tours” for local businesses on Google Maps. As a Google-Trusted Photographer, I have access to publishing 360° x 180° panoramic photos directly to Google's servers. Thus, I am able to create 3-dimensional Virtual Tours with these photos, and most of my clients get at least 2,500-3,000 monthly views of these photos on their Google listings.

Can you explain how a potential local client could really utilize the Google Maps and Virtual Tours for their business?

In a nutshell, over 60% of all local searches happen on Google, and of those local searches, nearly half lead to an in-store visit. With so many good shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, etc. here in Sayulita for customers to choose from, an advantage of being on Google translates to more visits, more sales, and higher revenue. On top of that, these virtual tours can be seen by people all over the world; this means visitors can tour your space/business from their home computer or mobile device when they are booking accommodations, looking for event spaces, or even at restaurants.

How else could local business or people benefit from hiring you and utilizing your services?

As a Google Trusted Photographer, I have an app that allows me to verify local businesses instantly; the normal process (a photographer without this title) would require a business owner to verify by receiving a postcard in the mail, which can take months. I can also provide professional quality still photos, drone photos, and videos for Google listings and websites. 

What do you like to photograph the most? What have you been hired to photograph in the past?

I love doing Virtual Tours for businesses; business owners love seeing their spaces come alive in an interactive, immersive way. I've shot over 100 local businesses between San Pancho and Puerto Vallarta, some truly unique and majestic spaces. I also love the natural beauty of Sayulita's beaches and the sky at sunset or magic hour. I've shot events such as the Sayulita Festival, and done street photos in Sayulita and cities around the United States and Mexico. The colors of this Pueblo Magico really inspire me as well.

Is there anything else you want readers to know about your or your photography business?

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For more information about Tim B Photography, please visit his Sayulita Life Web Page.


Written by: Aanya Sheikh-Taheri