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We couldn't think of a better activity to get to know this beautiful land we call home then booking a tour with EcoHike Sayulita. Discover the magical flora and fauna of this area and secret paths to the most beautiful beaches and mountain views! In this interview we get the juice of just what you can expect from a tour with them and how knowledgable their guides are. Don't miss out on this amazing activity!

Hi! Can you tell us a little about EcoHike?
EcoHike offers interactive and educational hiking experiences in a wonderful context. We are a bridge to connect, appreciate and enjoy the plurality of nature. The landscapes of our routes undoubtedly generate amazement and fascination in all our clients. We are committed to generating beautiful moments and memories for all those adventurers who are willing to travel through the jungle with us. We have more than 900 reviews (5 stars) on our platforms, which prove our quality and service. EcoHike is aimed at all nature lovers, hikers, yogis, hikers, families, tourists or people who identify with: gratitude, kindness and the amazement of sensory experiences from exploring new places, connecting with Mother Nature, getting outdoors, exercising and meeting other people.

What is your goal with EcoHike?
Our mission is to promote ecotourism, raise people's awareness about the importance of the environment, generate connection and empathy with nature, offer an escape from chaos, stress and be a means of therapy for people's well-being and health. We create unique and fun moments. We want to instill values ​​in new generations, teach and promote the conservation and sustainable use of nature. We have been working on this project for more than 4 years, sharing and even learning with our clients.

What sets EcoHike apart from other businesses?
Our experiences are original and carried out with a lot of passion and professionalism, clients are our priority, which is why we offer completely safe tours, in wonderful natural contexts, full of wildlife with unique landscapes. Our adventures have affordable prices, excellent quality and attention, where we show people hidden places in Sayulita, secrets of wildlife and the jungle.

What is the inspiration for EcoHike?
Our inspiration is the environment and context, since we are located on the Pacific coast of the state of Nayarit, the magical town of Sayulita offers the perfect combination of sea, beaches, cliffs, mountains and tropical jungle. We are located in one of the most important biospheres in the country, which translates into an extraordinary wealth of flora and fauna.

Can you list the services you offer?
Services: we offer different experiences which are designed to cover the different demands of our hikers.

-Monkey Mountain: it is our stellar tour, it is dedicated to those adventurers who like challenges. This experience offers without a doubt one of the best views of the entire Banderas Bay.

-Night Hike: this tour is our own and original creation, a unique proposal in the region, in which all levels, families and people with or without experience can participate. During the tour we will discover the hidden secrets and mysteries of the jungle at night, you will be surprised by the large amount of nocturnal activity that exists in the wild.

-Private Hike: this experience is perfect for those individuals, groups or families who want to receive personalized attention, customize the content and development of the experience and explore nature with a specific objective or purpose. Our professional guides have the ability to offer a service based on: bird watching, flora and fauna recognition, forest therapy, mindfulness practices, yoga, meditation and entertainment for children.

-Morning Hike / sunset hike: these are our classic experiences, easy and moderate level, a friendly hike for all levels where you travel through the jungle, mountains and a secret beach in search of discovering and learning about the native flora and fauna.

What can someone expect when they book with EcoHike? What kind of animals and plants will they see?
During our tours, thanks to the skills of the guides, we will be able to see different types of birds, both endemic and migratory, since in this part of Banderas Bay alone there is a record of more than 300 species, which makes of this unique experience for the enjoyment and pleasure of this activity. Among the most famous are: macaws, woodpeckers, parakeets, magpies, owls, hawks and eagles and of course the unique chachalaca.

Fauna: we have records of sightings of animals such as: deer, foxes, skunks, armadillos, land turtles, sea turtles, raccoons, opossums, coatis, whales and dolphins from the coast, wild boars, squirrels,

In terms of flora we are going to recognize native and invasive species, we are going to teach and interpret how the organization of the jungle in terms of plants coexist and in turn compete with each other. These unique details make people discover the secret life of plants and become fascinated.

We are going to emphasize the different symbioses between species that we can find in the area, (this is perhaps the most fascinating and incredible part for people) since it awakens amazement and admiration for nature.

The views and landscapes are without a doubt the greatest gift we can offer our clients, the context of peace and serenity makes our tours a unique moment, for many "the best activity of their vacation in Sayulita"